Why We Exist


Our purpose is to make it really convenient, efficient and secure for people and goods to move from one place to another. We do this through our platform, Transity, which leverages modern technologies such as Web, Mobile, GPS, NFC, and Smart Cards so that individuals and organizations can plan, manage and analyze their transportation activities in a smarter way.

What we offer


Cargo Transportation

We offer a SaaS and Mobile based technology platform that can automate workflows, vehicle allocation, scheduling and routing. The platform will enable optimal utilization of transportation assets reducing transportation costs and improving reliability for companies. This platform can find relevance in various scenarios offering workflow efficiency and fleet optimization with an objective to reduce operational costs for organizations.

People Mobility

We offer a mobile solution that enables organizations to promote eco-friendly travel to their premises by their associates, customers or other stakeholders/members. Large organizations or a cluster of small organizations have several hundred and thousands of people traveling to and from their premises. Our solution enables these people to discover, engage and collaborate with others to share rides, reduce travel expenses and contribute towards the environment.

What Customer Say


One of our key guiding principles is to be sensitive to the environment while conducting our business. We would like to reduce the number of miles clocked by our employee transport fleet and a solution that can help us do that will be great. – A BPO Organization
Many a times I get late at work and since I do not have my own transport, it becomes a challenge to head back home. I wish there was an easy way to ask a colleague for a lift to go home. – A Professional
Our trucks lie idle as we do not get to know about customer orders and we wish there is a system that can notify us whenever a customer has a consignment for shipment. – A Transport Agency
We need visibility to all the providers out there as we face lot of challenges in finding the right transport service provider for our consignments. – A Distributor
We have to frequently send partial truck load shipments and have to pay full truck load price, which is resulting in high transportation costs for us. – A Manufacturer
I would like my kids to travel to school in the comfort of a personal vehicle, I can chauffer them on few days but not all days. – A Parent
I wish there is a more convenient way for my kids to go to school than taking the school van which takes a long circuitous route. – A Parent.
I drive down in my car to office alone. I am concerned at the amount of emissions my car releases and would like to Go Green but I can’t rely on public transportation. How can I do that? – A Professional
I would like to be able to easily connect with other parents in my neighborhood to see if we can pool up to drive our kids to school or other activities. – A Parent



About Us

We are a young startup that is working towards removing the challenges involved in today’s transportation sector – be it for people movement or goods movement. We offer mobile and cloud based solutions that improve efficiency, convenience and reliability for organizations and individuals. We work with various categories of clients such as – manufacturers, retailers, distributors, software organizations, office parks, schools, hotels, transport providers etc. – and help them achieve excellence in the way their transport operations are carried out.


We have a team that stays at the forefront of technology so that we can offer you solutions that make your life easy. Members of the team have rich experience in developing user-centric solutions and have worked with some of the leading companies in the IT space in the past. The team has the right blend of technology and transportation domain experts enabling us to build solutions that address the needs of our customers.

The team is led by Krishna Ponnada who has worked across several functions such as strategy, business development, program management, relationship management, operations, and people development. He has had the opportunity to work with Large MNCs (TCS, Cognizant), SMBs and Startups across India, North America, Europe, and Middle East. Krishna has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.