We offer a SaaS and Mobile based technology platform that can automate workflows, vehicle allocation, scheduling and routing. The platform will enable optimal utilization of transportation assets reducing transportation costs and improving reliability for companies. This platform can find relevance in various scenarios offering workflow efficiency and fleet optimization with an objective to reduce operational costs for organizations.

Solution Modules


Fleet Tracking

It is critical for businesses to know the location and security of their cargo while it is being transported. Transity offers a software solution, LOKATE, that allows businesses to monitor their cargo movement 24×7 in real-time and ensure that their cargo reaches its destination on-time. Transity’s LOKATE tracks vehicle movement, generates alerts based on the rules defined – such as speeding, idling, deviating from the scheduled route etc. – and provides intelligent reports that can help businesses analyze their fleet performance. Transity’s LOKATE helps businesses grow by meeting or exceeding the cargo security and delivery commitments made to their customers.

Fleet Optimization

Businesses spend a significant proportion of their revenues on transportation and it is critical for them to control this spend to improve their profitability. Many businesses define their fleet movement schedules and routes manually which increases their transportation spends. Transity’s software solution, OPTI-TRAN, is designed to help businesses plan their cargo movement by scheduling the right vehicle through the right route and at the right time so that their transportation networks are optimized. It schedules vehicles based on the location, time and characteristics of the cargo so that cargo is delivered on time while keeping the transportation cost to a minimum.

Whom We Serve


Transport Providers

Transporters need to keep their vehicles on the move all the time to improve asset utilization and profitability. But they have poor visibility to the cargo movement demand and hence face difficulties to keep their vehicles utilized all the time. Transity makes it a breeze for them to post vehicle availability, search for demand and find customers. Not only that, it can also help them make intelligent data-driven decisions that can improve their profitability.

Cargo Shippers

Businesses have a continuous need to transport goods to their end customers through their supply chain. And because of the inherent inefficiencies in the transportation and logistics networks, they spend a significant amount of money in doing this. Transity platform provides businesses the visibility to the vehicles in the vicinity and also to the movement of goods as they are being transported resulting in improved cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solution Features