We offer a mobile solution that enables organizations to promote eco-friendly travel to their premises by their associates, customers or other stakeholders/members. Large organizations or a cluster of small organizations have several hundred and thousands of people traveling to and from their premises. Our solution enables these people to discover, engage and collaborate with others to share rides, reduce travel expenses and contribute towards the environment.

Solution Modules


Individual Tracking

People would like to know the safety of their loved ones all the time but with every one spending long hours outside home and at distant locations, this has become near to impossible. Transity’s solution, LOKATE, consisting of a portable personal device and a pairing mobile app gives you peace of mind by providing you real-time visibility to your loved ones location. Family members can define rules to be notified based on specific scenarios and individuals also can trigger an alert in case they are in danger so that their family members can be immediately notified. The solution is very effective to track and monitor the safety of kids, elderly people and even pets.

Social Collaboration

These days, people are commuting more than ever – traveling long distances to go to work, drop kids at school, conduct business, or for leisure activities. As a result, their transportation expenses are increasing, roads are getting choked and carbon footprint is increasing. Transity has designed ride sharing solutions targeted towards the specific needs of commuter groups. One such solution is SCHPOOL that helps parents discover other parents and collaborate with them to ride-share to get to school or other activity centers. That means less stress, less fuel bills, less pollution and more time for parents.

Enterprise Collaboration

With expanding cities, employees need to commute long distances to reach their work location. This puts a significant amount of stress on them because of traffic congestion and the amount of unproductive time they spend on the road. Transity offers a solution, that allows enterprises to provide a closed and secure platform for its employees to collaborate for ride sharing. Employees can easily discover other colleagues who live in their vicinity, engage with them to understand preferences and collaborate to share rides. Now with this solution organizations can take employee collaboration to outside the office too.

Whom We Serve



Professionals need to be constantly on the move, be it commuting from home to work and back or commuting to meet clients and colleagues at other locations. And this not only takes away a lot of time from their day making it unproductive but also contributes to traffic congestion and global warming. Transity helps these professionals to collaborate to share rides so that time is saved, transportation expense is reduced and convenience is improved.


Today, kids have to travel long distances to reach their school or after-school activity locations. And parents have to constantly chauffer them throughout the day leaving no time to focus on other activities. Transity enables parents to discover other parents whose kids have the same travel schedules as theirs and collaborate with each other so that they can car pool for their kids commute needs.

Solution Features